In recent years, I’ve taken a hiatus-ish from media in order to focus on honing my skills, but I am grateful to the following publications for helping me spread the word about my work:


“Peter Thiel Thinks You Should Skip College, and He’ll Even Pay You For Your Trouble” (Newsweek)


“Gifted Citizen: los emprendedores sociales que cambian las reglas del juego” (Entrepreneur)
“Do You Really Need a Degree? Here’s Why One Inventor Ditched School”
(FLARE Magazine)
“This Social Entrepreneur Wants You to Steal Her Work: The Evolution of SunSaluter”
(Trico Foundation)
“Following the Path of the Sun” (Demand ASME)
“The importance of water, part 1”
“From science fair to Thiel Fellowship: Eden Goh and SunSaluter” (Autodesk Education)
“Crowdsourced climate solutions shine bright at MIT lab”


“The Woman Who Turned Her High School Science Project Into A Global Solar Nonprofit” (Forbes)
“Climate change contest selects grand prize winner”
“How To Start Up Without Breaking Down” (Forbes)
“A Water Clock System That Can Revolutionize Solar Power”
“Eden Full’s SunSaluter”
(Citytv Breakfast Television)
“Staying centred on mission amid social enterprise hype: A young social entrepreneur shares her story”
(Social Enterprise Canada)
“Meet the Game Changer: Eden Full, Founder and CEO of SunSaluter” (TOMS)
“This Device Delivers Electricity and Clean Water Simultaneously” (Design News)
“SunSaluter Provides Clean Water as it Tracks the Sun” (Triple Pundit)
“Diesel-Killing DIY Solar Tracker Boosts Efficiency 30% & Filters Water, Too” (CleanTechnica)
“Solar energy’s Canadian bright lights: 3 entrepreneurs helping the developing world”
“Canadian Inventor Eden Full’s Low-Tech Fix Solves Solar Power’s Biggest Problem” (Huffington Post Canada)
“These Eco-Inventions Are Canada’s Earth Day Gifts To the World” (Huffington Post Canada)
“The Mochi’s 25 Game-Changers Under 25: Entrepreneurship and Technology” (Mochi)
“Flashcards Get Smarter So You Can, Too” (Wall Street Journal)
“Top 5 Insights from a Thiel Fellow” (IVY)
“Women Thriving in Solar Industry—In Spite of Major Gender Gap” (
“Top 30 under 30” (Corporate Knights)
“Why The World Should Know The Names Of These 5 Women In STEM” (Huffington Post)
“This woman dropped out of Princeton at 19 to start a global nonprofit and it completely changed her outlook on education” (Business Insider)
“Renewable Energy Challenge: Announcing Our Top Ideas” (OpenIDEO)
“10 simple gadgets that empower women around the world” (TechRepublic)
“Billionaire investor Peter Thiel’s plan to pay college students to drop out is showing mixed results” (Business Insider)
“The Rich Man’s Dropout Club” (The Chronicle of Higher Education)


“Tracking the Sun – SunSaluter – Eden Full” (Entrepreneurs & Economic Development)
“Our Solar Project Bijili Reaches Over 25,000 People in India and Joins Social Enterprise SunSaluter” (The Climate Group)
“Interview: Eden Full – Founder of SunSaluter” (It’s a Monkey Podcast)
“Meet Glamour’s Tech Heroes of 2014 (Their Ideas Could Change Your Life!)” (Glamour)
“16 Incredibly Impressive Students At Princeton” (Business Insider)
“Change Makers, Episode 3” (CNBC)
“Eden Full, SunSaluter” (The Hundert, Volume 3, Page 14)
“Running before walking” (Corporate Knights)
“Energy Voices – Episode 8” (Student Energy)
“15 American Twentysomethings Leaving a Global Impact” (Complex)
“7 Questions to Eden Full” (empowering people. Network)
“Take Five: Eden Full, Inventor of the SunSaluter” (
“Reader of the Month” (The Gentlewoman)
“Why a 20-year-old Toronto drop-out accepted $100,000 to stay out of school” (CTV)
“SunSaluter” (The Last Magazine)
“SunSaluter: Bringing Clean Water and Solar Power to the Developing World” (Dorm Startups)
“Women’s Lights Open Home Slate With Win Over Georgetown For 2006 Cup” (GoPrincetonTigers)
“User Driven Design, Appropriate Tech, Invention For Social Good…It’s All About Empathy In Action” (Forbes)
“Third-Ranked Women’s Lightweights Top Strong Field For Knecht Cup” (GoPrincetonTigers)
“Experience, Young Trio Combine To Raise Potential For Women’s Lightweights” (GoPrincetonTigers)
“Princeton’s Eden Full” (row2k)
“Disruption: Solar Energy – Episode 20 – Eden Full” (SecondSilicon)
“High school students build solar panel” (The Pike County Courier)
“11 Ingenious Solar Projects Impacting the Developing World” (Mashable)
“30 Under 30 – Energy and Industry” (Forbes)


“Gravity Squeezes 40% More Power From These Solar Panels” (Mashable)
“Eden Full Salutes the Sun” (The WILD)
“Restructured Gap Year Network aims to clear stigma of leave of absence, help students navigate barriers to taking time off” (Daily Princetonian)
“Eden Full” (CBC Radio’s Calgary Eyeopener)
“Class Dismissed” (CBC’s The National)
“U.S. Chamber Honors Entrepreneurs, Academics, and Public Officials as “Intellectual Property Champions”” (US Chamber of Commerce)
“GOOD 100: Meet Eden Full, Harnessing the Power of the Sun” (GOOD)
“Bright Idea: Startup Aims to Advance Solar Energy in Developing Countries” (
“Tune in. Drop out. Start up.”
(Princeton Alumni Weekly)
“Create the future with SunSaluter and GALAXY Note 10.1”


“30 Under 30 – Energy and Industry” (Forbes)
“Solar Now, Water Later: An interview with SunSaluter’s Eden Full” (NextBillion)
“SunSaluter Purifies Water As It Provides Power”
(Triple Pundit)
“Who Needs College? Young Entrepreneur Bets On Bright Idea For Solar Energy” (NPR: All Tech Considered)
“Forgoing College to Pursue Dreams” (New York Times)
“Peter Thiel’s Millennial Fellows Are Going to Be Just Fine” (Huffington Post)
“Eden Full is Saving the World Without College” (Sierra Magazine)
Rooftop Revolution, by Danny Kennedy
“Drop Out, Start Up” (New York Times)
“Rowing Canada Aviron Women’s Development Boat Wins Henley Royal” (Canadian Sport Centre)
“Two Podium Finishes For Canada at the Holland Beker” (Canadian Sport Centre)
“Dropping out: Is college worth the cost?” (CBS 60 Minutes)
“An entrepreneurial choice” (The Daily Princetonian)
“Canadians under 25: Here are the ones to watch” (Maclean’s)
“On track to a Full-filling career” (University of Calgary UToday)
“Innovator Profile: Eden Full” (carbontalks)
“20-Year-Old Eden Full takes the Solar World By Storm” (Womenetics)
Making Good, by Dev Aujla and Billy Parish


“4 Young Social Good Entrepreneurs to Watch” (Mashable)
“A Low-Tech Innovation Uses The Sun’s Heat To Boost Solar Efficiency” (FastCoExist)
“19-Year-Old Vows To Disrupt Solar Industry” (Forbes)
“Meet Our 21 Amazing Young Women of 2011” (Glamour)
“19-Year-Old Winning Awards Left & Right for Her Solar Power Helper, the SunSaluter” (
“Clean Energy Champion” (The Daily Brink)
“Interview: Eden Full on solar power, appropriate technologies and life as a young female inventor” (PopTech Blog)
“$100,000 for 19-Year-Old Solar Savant” (Greentech Media)
“SOI Alumni to Meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge” (Students on Ice)
“For young entrepreneur, $100,000 to drop out” (Princeton  Alumni Weekly)
“The 19-year-old innovator revolutionizing solar energy systems” (SmartPlanet)
“Billionaire to Pay Kids to Skip College” (ABC Nightly News)
“Hamilton: Solving energy problems with girl power” (Toronto Star)
“21 Questions With … Eden Full ‘13” (Princeton University Press Club)
“Teen’s invention makes solar panels 40% more efficient” (Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette)
“Thiel Awards 24 Under-20 Fellowships” (Bloomberg Businessweek)
“Thiel Fellowship Pays 24 Talented Students $100,000 Not to Attend College” (The Chronicle of Higher Education)


“TEDx conference features alumni, leaders in social entrepreneurship” (The Daily Princetonian)
“Full ’13 develops cheap solar tech alternative” (The Daily Princetonian)


“Canadian youth innovator touches the sun” (MaRS)
“Marvelous Eden” (Ontario Science Centre)


“Dreams blast off at NASA school” (Calgary Herald)
“Calgary students compete for top international science honours” (Calgary Herald)