Hi! I’m Eden.

I like to make stuff.
Sometimes, my work at SunSaluter is useful to the people in off-grid communities in need of more electricity and clean water. We’re in 18 countries and counting! Other times, I make things to make life easier for the people I love. I’m very interested in the intersection between hardware and software. I also prototype cool things for Palantir Technologies.

I’m no expert, but I want to share what I do know.
I’m very grateful for the mentorship and support I’ve received over the years, and I hope to be able to pay it forward. I teach STEM at the TEAK Fellowship, a New York non-profit that selects brilliant Grade 6 students and provides them with programming/mentorship to gain admission into top high schools and colleges. Since 1998, they have had a 100% placement rate.

I’m constantly trying to become a better, more intentional version of myself.
Things I’m working on lately include learning Chinese, minimizing my physical possessions, and improving my physical fitness so I don’t turn into a potato. The goal I am most proud of is being selected to represent Canada on Rowing Canada Aviron’s pre-Olympic development team, where we won two gold medals internationally.

I am grateful that my work has been featured by some of these organizations…
Thiel Fellowship
Chamber of Commerce