Hi! I’m Eden, proudly from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I want to be a maker when I grow up. I believe passion prevails.

I’m building the SunSaluter
, an intuitive, gravity-powered device that takes inspiration from ancient water clocks to help solar panels follow the sun and collect up to 40% more electricity, while providing clean water, in off-grid or underdeveloped parts of the world. So far, SunSaluters can be found deployed in nine countries, and we’ve been honoured by the organizations like the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, Westly Foundation and Mashable/UN Foundation’s Startups for Social Good Challenge. Our goal for 2014 is to build out a manufacturing and distribution operation with our partners in India and Malawi.

I study Mechanical Engineering at Princeton University. In the summer of 2013, I apprenticed in web development at the Software Craftsmanship Guild.

I cox for the Princeton varsity lightweight women’s rowing team. In 2014, I led them to their first Knecht Cup win in nine years. In 2012, I led Rowing Canada Aviron’s senior women’s development team of Olympic hopefuls to two gold medals at the 2012 Henley Royal and Holland Beker Regattas, against the German, French, Dutch, Australian and British national teams.

I advocate for choosing your own unconventional life path, ever since I discovered mine as one of the inaugural 2011 Thiel Fellows when I took two years off from college.